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Thanksgiving Dinner Just Got Better

Give Thanks for Low-Fat, Low-Carb Meals This Season It’s the season to give thanks in the Great White North (though hopefully, it doesn’t get too cold and icy), and at Low Fat Low Carb, we’re thankful for these fantastic recipes and our amazing users and audience who make it all possible! Have you been looking […]

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A Vegetarian Among Carnivores

Why Switch to a Vegetarian Diet and How to Keep Essential Nutrients in Every Meal Vegetarian diets have gained popularity since people have become more educated about the food they consume. From food documentaries to growing nutritional information on the web, the vast information about food is now easily available, causing people to question their […]

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6 Reasons Why Your Doctor Hates Carbs

Learn Why Low-Fat, Low-Carb Meals Makes Sense and Make Your Doctor Happy By now you’re probably sick of hearing about carbs. There’s a lot of misinformation out there about carbohydrates, some worse than others, but the fact remains your body needs them… to an extent. The big problem with carbs? We all eat too many, […]

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How to Make Vegetable Stew

Are your vegetables starting to look a little sad? Don’t say goodbye just yet. Reduce the waste by making a vegetable stew.
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How to Clean & Cut Shiitake

This is not just any ordinary mushroom
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How to Core a Head of Lettuce

There is one simple trick! Do you know what it is? We sure didn't!!! Check it out, as Chef Verati shows us how.
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How to Cut a Bell Pepper

This may be a little silly to you, but you may have been cutting bell peppers all wrong!
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