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I have found, in my 11 years of being a health coach, that weight loss starts with a very clear goal in mind. Either the goal is a number on the scale, fitting back into a specific outfit or pair of jeans, or possibly reversing a health concern, such as Type 2 Diabetes or high cholesterol. Whatever the goal is, having a defined goal helps to clarify exactly what one wants to achieve. The following are suggestions that have helped numerous clients look and feel the way they have always wanted.

  • Motivation. Many people have found it beneficial to have pictures of themselves prior to the gained weight as a motivator, while others may use pictures of other people they wish to look like posted around the house. Looking at these pictures daily will help your brain “see” what you want to look like and keep you on track.
  • Just say NO! Work on avoiding processed foods, especially those with white flour and sugar based products. Watch for food additives and preservatives. Some of those actually prevent weight loss, even if the calories are in line. Read labels. Remember the less ingredients, less that 5, the better the body can process. Stevia based sweeteners are best for balancing blood sugars, although its an acquired taste.
  • Movement. Just moving a little, not over exertion, is a good plan. Just a light walk, or some toning is helpful in flushing out the toxins from weight loss. Helps you in the flushing process. Remember, too much exercise while on a low carb, low fat diet can actually work against you.
  • Food prep. This is the biggest tip I can give you. Having food ready to go, especially in our busy lives, will keep you on track. It can be simple, like using a crockpot for some meals, or more involved, such as making a bunch of meals and freezing them for later use. You can take short cuts like keeping fresh frozen vegetables on hand, or buying already cut and washed veggies. Maybe make some “salads in a jar” for 2 weeks at a time. Just think it through, and make a plan.
  • What is your big picture? People gain weight for a variety of reasons. For some stress is the culprit, for others it’s a hormonal or chemical imbalance, for some it’s emotional. Deciding what you want for your life, takes action steps. Recognize the culprits, and make the necessary changes. You deserve it!

This is typically a hard time of year for people to stay on track, however, it can be done. Having a desire to change your ways is the key. You can stay strong if you want to. It is NOT TOO LATE.
In some cases, your life depends on it. Be kind and loving to your body, and it will give you back wonderful results.


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