5 Ways to Find Your Perfect Diet

We hear a lot about fat, carbs, and proteins.  Low fat or high fat? Low carb or vegetarian? High protein for weight loss?  There is so much confusing information that it’s tough to figure out what’s best for you. At Low Fat Low Carb, we don’t recommend following any diet.  We do, however, recommend that […]

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Should You Start a High-Fat Diet? What Does that Entail?

Low-Carb, Low-Fat and High-Fat Diets : How High is High, and How Low is Low? When we’re thinking of making changes to our lifestyle, it’s entirely possible to feel hesitant about what information or guidelines to follow. Moreover, it can be challenging to find the right support group to help you see the changes through. […]

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The Truth About the Latest Low-Carb Research

Sorting Through the Headlines to Focus on the Facts If you’ve spent any amount of time recently researching low-carb, high-fat diets or keto diets, you’ve probably seen a few alarming headlines claiming that these diets reduce your life expectancy. Coming on the tail of some studies and peer-reviewed publications, these headlines haven’t helped explain recent […]

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5 Ways to Complete Your Plant Protein

Do vegans get enough protein? It’s a widely-held belief that vegans don’t get enough protein in their diet. In fact, it’s so common that it’s one of the most-asked questions about veganism, and easily one of the biggest concerns people have when they’re considering going vegan. It might surprise you to learn that vegans can […]

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