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By Alyssa St-Jean (
Obviously the foods that you eat play a major role when it comes to losing weight. You must watch what you eat, how you eat it and when you eat it. So many factors can come into play depending on the food choices that you make. Solid foods are not the only source of calories and fat though that could be hindering your weight loss. Although you may not realize it, the liquids that you are consuming could be affecting the scale just as much! Could your beverage choices be standing in the way of your weight loss goals? Take a closer look at the most common mistakes that people make when it comes to their drink choices. Are you one of them?
The Happy Hour Lover 
Do you head to the local bar for happy hour with your co-workers or friends after work? I am sure that you are very aware that drinking beer and alcohol are not exactly the best beverage choices when following a weight loss program; or even when trying to maintain your weight for that matter. So many calories going into your body and FAST! No matter how much it is said though, beer and alcohol still remain the deviation or cheat option of choice.  Try to make it a treat and not a regular everyday thing. You may even learn to appreciate that glass of wine rather than downing it after a long day at work.  
The One Who Doesn’t Drink Enough 
Do you drink enough water throughout your day? Water is an antioxidant! It flushes your body from its toxins! Drink it! It’s Free! Don’t be the one who becomes accustomed to dehydration. That can only lead to problems down the road. Yes, you heard it right. Your body can actually get use to not having enough water. Your body is a great mechanism but don’t push its limits! 
Did you know that often you think that you are hungry but in reality you are actually just thirsty? Think about it next time your craving your late afternoon snack.  
The Coffee Addict
Are you addicted to coffee? Coffee is a great way to give your body a boost when it needs it most. Because it has the ability to produce adrenalin, it can keep you sharp and focused for a couple of hours. More than 2-3 cups of coffee a day though could be putting a toll on your adrenal glands. 
Since, coffee is a very dehydrating liquid, too much of the stuff with not enough water could eventually make you feel constipated. Leaving you feeling bloated and moody. We all know how uncomfortable that is… “Black” coffee will not make you gain weight but depending on what you put in it, it could be… Stick with natural sweeteners and low-fat milk and keep the fancy creams, syrups and sugars as a treat, not a habit. Oh! And remember that for every cup of coffee that you drink, you should drink an extra cup of water in addition to your daily 64oz. This will keep things moving properly if you know what I mean! 
The Smoothie Supersizer
Do you go all in when making your daily smoothie? I get it! Smoothies are so delicious! They are a great way to fill up on healthy calories in a quick and convenient way. But, unfortunately, this could be seen as a downfall if you are dieting. Be aware of what you are adding to your smoothie. Don’t be mindlessly adding all of your favorite ingredients into the blender at once. Ditch the nut butters, coconut oils and seeds for a while. It won’t kill you to take a break from the good stuff. It is important to also measure your ingredients. If you are eye balling everything, you may be overdoing it resulting in a calorie packed, supersized smoothie!
The Juicer Junkie
Grabbing an on the go “Green” juice is very convenient; especially for those of you who are always on the run. You may think that theses are a healthy snack option but, these juices can actually be filled with hidden sugars. This is because most places that serve “green” juices actually fill the cup with fruit juices and only add a shot or two of spirulina making it “green”. Yes, fruit is good for you! I am not saying that it isn’t however, if you are trying to lose weight, you may want to stay clear from the glucose for a while. 
When a fruit is juiced, it is stripped from its fibers and health benefits. Your body responds better to a glycemic load when fruit is consumed as a whole. Since the fruit has not yet been broken down and the fibers are being ingested, your body is then able to slow down the glucose process. 
The Diet Soda Fanatic
Is diet soda your pick me up? Just because it says “diet”, this does not mean that you can drink it on your diet! Diet sodas are just as bad as the real stuff if not worst… In my opinion, dieting or not, you should not be drinking the stuff! The sweeteners found in diet soda trigger your fat storage hormone (insulin) just like real sugar. Real sweeteners shouldn’t do this and because fake sweeteners are so much stronger than the real ones, they actually have the ability to change the way your body responds to sugar (all of it, simple or complex). It changes your hormonal response and makes your taste buds go numb and therefore, your body ends up craving more sugar to compensate. So, in the end you end up eating more… Dump it! 

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