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By Lisa Shaker-Knopp (
We’ve all been there before. One day we feel like we can do anything – and we resolve to try. But a few days or weeks later, we wonder how we can stay true to our goals.  It seems so hard when it comes to keeping up with healthy eating and lifestyle changes. 
As I speak to clients weekly it becomes apparent to me just how many people have negative ‘self-talk”. I can tell which clients will be successful, and which ones won’t based on these conversations. It breaks my heart. I know a lot of their negatively is from a life time of programming. That is hard to overcome, but it starts with positive affirmations and changing your talk! 
When you wake up and look in the mirror what do you say to yourself? Do you even LOOK in the mirror? If you don’t see something positive, or believe in yourself, how will you ever make a change? You have to find a positive. Tell yourself you are beautiful, fun, smart, funny, happy, and healthy even if you don’t really believe it yet. Say those words over and over again until you believe them.  Write daily affirmations, words like “every day in every way, I’m getting better and better”.  Or, “I am a winner”. “ I am strong, and healthy, and happy”. “ Today, I am going to rest my pancreas, and stay on track”. Read these mantras over and over again. Seems crazy, but it works. 
Also, put your most favorite picture of yourself on your mirror in the bathroom and look at it every day. What the mind sees, it can start to believe. This is especially important after you have reached your goal, so you don’t see the old, overweight, unhealthy version of yourself in the mirror. You can accept your new body better that way, and resolve never to go back! 
Some people do well with listening to self-help tapes, or motivational speakers. You can find many resources to help you change your talk. Our minds are so powerful. 
We can’t always be perfect, but we can avoid the harsh self-talk we often punish ourselves with. Doing so could change your life. And, will help you get to your goals much quicker. 


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