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It is a new year again. You have decided it is the year to get this weight off once and for all. But, are you committed? Are you in the right frame of mind? Do you have a plan? These are all the questions you are asking yourself as you contemplate your future and your goals. How do you take the first step? What is the right way? The fast way? The healthy way?

So many questions!! Let me help guide you as you get started on your journey. Weight loss is a journey, which should lead to a lifestyle, not a DIET. It is not easy, but there are some steps you can take to stay motivated.

Make a commitment to yourself, and to someone else

Get a buddy to go on protocol with you. Stay connected daily with text messages, emails, phone calls etc.

Take a before picture!

But, also put up an old picture of yourself that you loved. Look at it every day.

Write down your short-term goals, and your long-term goals

Post them in places you can read every day. Seeing is believing. Your brain can process what it sees.

Write down goalsKeep a journal daily

Besides writing down what you eat, write down how you FEEL. Good and bad. Right or wrong. Write it. Own it.

Don’t become an ‘all or none’ dieter

That means if you mess up one meal don’t use that as an excuse to continue down that hole. Pull up your boot straps, and make the next meal on point. Make small changes daily to improve your choices which will bring good results over time.

Hire a health coach

It is hard enough to lose weight. Doing it by yourself makes it even harder. Having an accountability partner will help you succeed and keep you motivated.

Don’t think of your journey as a diet, think of it like making life changes

This seems like an easy point, but many of my clients think they are being punished while they are on protocol, instead of learning to incorporate good habits for life.

Be realistic

Just because your friend seems to lose more weight than you, does not mean you are doing anything wrong. This is your journey, your chemistry, your genetics. If you stay the course, and you are consistent, your body will let go however fast it wants to. Don’t throw the towel in. Losing one pound of fat per week means your body released 4000 Kcal of stored energy! That is a ton.

Plan your week

This seems like a tough one for people, but it is not as hard as we make it. Use resources to help you. Carve out one day a week to do some food prep and save yourself tons of time during the week. If you have the money, pay someone to cook or shop for you. There is always a way to stay on point if you are committed to your health.

Make a moveDo some push-ups

Do some easy movements. Lunge to the kitchen. Squat while you brush your teeth. Use the wall to do push-ups. Sit on a balance ball while you watch TV. You don’t have to go to a gym to get some blood flow and oxygen to your muscles. Just move a little. Make it simple.

These are just some good starting points for you to consider as you start 2017 and make your resolutions for a new you. My goal for all of my clients is for them to make life changes, not just diet changes so they can live by their new rules, not DIE-T by them. A diet is short-term, a lifestyle of changes is long-term. Make your changes today!


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