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By Lisa Shaker-Knopp (
So many times I hear clients say the words, “I only lost a pound”?? And, I can tell they are upset. However, if they really understood what losing a pound really means, they would be so much happier. Think about it, if you only lost ONE pound a week, you would be down 52 pounds a year! That is a lot of fat to lose. When you lose one pound of fat, which relates to losing about 4000 calories of stored energy (fat) you are releasing a tremendous amount of fat in a 7-day cycle. If you lose an average of 1.5 to 2 pounds a week, you are letting go of 6,000-8,000 stored calories. In a month, that is 24,000-32,000 calories! 
I have found that weight loss is not a race it is a journey. It does not matter how fast you lose, but that you lose consistently and safely. It is just as important that you lose the right type of weight, meaning more fat, over muscle and water weight. To accomplish this, eating a low fat, low carb, adequate protein eating plan is what works the best and most efficiently. 
Think about this, it is normal to gain about 5-8 pounds per year from what I have learned. If a person does not lose this amount each year, over a 5-year period they could have packed on 25-40 pounds. This can add up quickly. If you throw in stress, genetics, hormones and age, this number could be even higher.  When you finally decide to get rid of this unwanted, and potentially dangerous weight gain, if you only lose one pound a week, you will lose your 25-40 pounds in way less time than you put it on, right?? So, the next time you are feeling sorry for yourself, remember you did not put it on overnight.
The rate at which you burn your stored fat is variable person to person. I am on the ‘slow boat’, but I eventually get my fat off. It is my age, hormones and genetics that make it hard for me to lose more than about a pound or so each week, however, losing is better than gaining. Eventually, I get to my healthy goal weight.  Don’t beat yourself up if you are feeling discouraged with a slow loss. It’s more important that you finish your race. Don’t give up. Stick with your plan. Some weeks will be better than others, for various reasons, and that is okay. Focus on the end result, and don’t micromanage from week to week. I can’t tell you how many clients have some “bad” weeks, but stick with the protocol and end up at their goal. You will too!


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