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By Lisa Shaker-Knopp (
One of the weekly questions that I ask clients is, “how did your week go?”. Upon listening to clients, I start to hear all of the reasons why they fell off the wagon, or why they just had to cheat. I hear a common thread: people allow all of the other influences in their lives control what they choose, even if it means they are sabotaging their personal goals. 
In my life, and with my own battle with weight, I have learned that I CANNOT CONTROL everything. Life happens. Every day! I can assure you, things will always get worse before better. But they WILL get easier!
What you CAN control is your reaction to these situations. IF you choose to. And, it is a choice. 
There are many people in your life that will not understand what you are doing, or why? And, frankly, it’s not their business. However, people have opinions, and some of them are strong. 
There are people in your life that feel the need to “prove your wrong”. Or to challenge your journey. For whatever the reason, there are people who want to bring you down. Maybe those people are jealous of your determination, and wish they could do what you are. Perhaps they don’t believe you can really do this because you have failed many other times before. It could be that the people around you are insecure, and are afraid you will not be in their life if you lose too much weight and get your confidence back. No matter the reason, you are in charge of YOU!! 
The key to all of this is not to let people bring you down. The co-workers, the family, the friends, the parents, the spouses all have opinions. You must have hope, and believe that you can be a winner in life and on this weight loss journey. At the end of the day, all you have is yourself to answer to. Your reaction to your network is what matters the most. Part of that is being focused and prepared daily. If you know why you are sacrificing that is all that matters. 
I know it’s hard; however, it is just as hard to be overweight, sick, tired, and have poor self-esteem. YOU CAN DO THIS, AND YOU ARE. Don’t let the devils/enemies take you out of the game of life. REACT the way you want, not the way others want you to. 

What do you say or do when others try to bring you down? 

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