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By Lisa Shaker-Knopp (
I call this the FEAR OF reaching your GOAL.

It’s amazing how we work so hard while we are on our journey towards better health, wellness and weight but FREAK out once we reach our goal!

 We all agree that following the plan works, and works well! But, the hardest part is learning to KEEP off the weight we have lost! It’s a proven fact. Losing is the “easy part” it’s the keeping off part that takes the most effort. Many people have difficulty keeping weight off once they’ve lost it because once the emergency is over, the motivation goes way down. In addition, we are afraid to eat “regular” foods again. 

We doubt ourselves. We question the new processes we have learned. We don’t believe we can do it “this time”. We fear the unknown. We are scared. Guess what? That is normal. Now, take a deep breath. It’s going to be okay. However, you must apply a few rules.
I have learned the concept of food combining.  Eating adequate amounts of protein daily is one key point. Also, when you eat a meal that is higher in carbohydrates, you should consume a low amount of healthy fat and visa versa. When you eat a meal that is higher in healthy fat, you should be consuming a lower amount of carbohydrates.
The theory is that separating heavy fats and heavy carbs does not allow the pancreas to overproduce the hormone insulin. When we manage the release of insulin, we can’t store the excess as fat. Simple enough, right??  Well, not if you don’t learn to identify what is a carb and what is a fat? We all tend to eat how we always have and not think about how our body chemically and hormonally breaks down those choices. We look at calories, rather than chemistry. This might be a new, and foreign concept for most of us. 
Being patient, and being open to learning is the other key to your long-term success. 
There are a few other rules that will help you keep your weight off once and for all.  Keeping a food journal has been identified as one of the most successful ways to lose weight and KEEP it off, along with having one meal replacement per day. 
So, get out of YOUR F.O.G!!  You got this. 


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