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By Lisa Shaker-Knopp (
I speak to many clients each week, and I hear many comments in regards to weight and the battles that people have. But, recently I had a client refer to the “fat passenger” being sent to the back seat. It cracked me up. I thought that was an interesting way to explain how some of us carry around this “passenger” that somehow forces us to make poor choices with our eating. We don’t want to, but we succumb to this strong pull. Then we hate ourselves for “listening” to this voice inside us. That leads to a downward spiral of self loathing and continued bad choices until we are out of control. 
We must send this “fat passenger” to the backseat, get her out of the way, so we can be on our way towards our weight and health goals. If we let that passenger stay up front, we will never reach our destination. Remember, however, we are not on a racetrack, we are on a journey. If we take our mission seriously, and pay attention to our purpose we will reach the end sooner rather than later. 
For some of my clients, the battle seems like a mountain so big it paralyzes them. They can’t even take one step towards the top. In these cases, I suggest smaller goals. In fact, maybe making other goals unrelated to the number on the scale called NSV’s (non scale victories). This might include things like feeling more energy, tying your shoes easier, reducing medication, moving a belt notch over, or sleeping more restfully. 
If you can remove the negative thinking from your mind, you can move towards your goals so much easier. If you can identify your triggers and remove them from your life, that will allow you to reach your destination more joyfully. One of the toughest situations for me as a coach, is to listen to clients beat themselves up week after week. They are so overwhelmed with guilt for making those bad choices it makes it almost impossible for them to succeed. Many times it leads to the “well I already messed up, so I will just continue eating all of this junk until Monday… I’ll start again Monday attitude.”
My job as a coach is to direct and teach clients tools they can use to get on the right track. One of the ways I do this is to have clients write down what they are putting in their mouth.  Once we can pinpoint the issues, we can move forward and make the necessary changes. 
When you are feeling like that “fat passenger” is taking over, move her to the backseat. 


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