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I often found that my tummy was randomly bloated, but I never understood why… Were there certain foods that were irritating my gut? Was I not drinking enough water? What was the problem? 
I started eliminating certain suspects to see what the outcome was yet; the bloating would still come back. I tried different cooking techniques but no luck either. No matter what I tried, nothing seemed to work. Ugh! So frustrating… 
One week, I had a cold and had been eating mostly liquid foods. As I was slowly re-integrating solid foods into my diet, I got bloated, again! I starting thinking hard about what it was that I had eaten that could of have possibly upset my tummy. And, it hit me… I remembered that I had been munching on carrots and radishes all afternoon at work as I was prepping an event. I thought to myself: “ Had I chewed my food enough? “ The answer was no. I was so busy running around that I hadn’t realized that I was scarfing down my veggies. 
The food we ingest needs to be broken down properly in order to maintain a healthy digestive system. No wonder why my tummy was having so many troubles. I was leaving all the work to my digestive system. 
I began to focus more on my plate instead of running errands at the same time. I also started taking smaller bites and chewed, chewed and chewed some more! 
After that day, since I changed my ways, I have had a happy bloat free belly ever since. 

Do you often feel bloated? What have you attempted in hopes of getting rid of that bloated belly?