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Why are you afraid to lose your weight?

In this day and age, we have abbreviations for everything!  We use the acronyms such as TBD, LOL, BTW, AKA, FYI etc. I have one for you, what is FOBO? That stands for FEAR OF BETTER OPTIONS. Is this you? Are you afraid to change? Are you stopping yourself from choosing better options as far as your health and weight are concerned? Why? What is standing in your way of making better choices for your life? Who or what is blocking your success?

I have coached so many clients in my career, and as I continue to coach clients I hear so many stories about why this or that got in their way of losing weight that week, or every week. They are also called excuses. I listen, but I realize that they have not decided to really make the changes necessary for success. Maybe their heart says yes, but their mind says not yet, not today, maybe tomorrow? The head and the heart have to be on the same page for anything to change. Otherwise, you stay in limbo.

So, how do you get the head and heart on the same page? One baby step at a time, and without fear. Fear is an unpleasant emotion we feel when something is uncomfortable, or unknown. Maybe you are afraid of the attention you might get once you start losing, or you fear you won’t be able to keep your weight off? There are many reasons you might feel afraid; however, if you don’t put one foot in front of the other and just jump in and start, you will never know and you will stay where you are. If that is okay with you, then own that thought and live your life happy. If you know you are not really happy, then you must make changes.

You might start by writing down your goals on paper. Then, take a picture (pictures never lie) to start your journey. Next, you might hire a coach, or get someone to be on your team. Teaming up with a partner has been proven to help you stay on track better and have accountability.  Then buy a journal or download a free phone application that tracks your food and drinks. Journaling is a key to super successful weight loss. After that, you can make mini reward goals such as after every 10 pounds lost, you might get a massage, pedicure, manicure, or buy a new piece of jewelry. One more thought to help you get over your FOBO, is to get in the kitchen and make new recipes, or take a cooking class or two.

These are some ideas to help guide you towards your weight and wellness goals; but it all starts with you making the decision to change and embrace those changes for what they are and without being afraid. It is hard, but you can do it!

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