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Our Story

Have you ever stopped and looked at how fast our world changes around us?

We get so caught up in our day-to-day lives that we don’t realize how soon summer ends, how the day flies by, or how healthy attitudes slip into bad habits.

With so much change, it’s easy to understand why so many people are so resistant to even the slightest shift in their day-to-day routine. Trying to live a rigid lifestyle in a fluid world is a recipe for disappointment!

If you’ve found yourself stuck in a rut, gaining weight, getting less sleep, and spending more time on the couch than you do moving, you’re living a life out of balance.

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Our Philosophy

We’re more than a recipe website. Low Fat Low Carb is designed to make following a diet or eating style easier than ever before, taking away the challenge.

You are unique, and your food plan should be too!

Our meals are made with whole, natural foods to give you the highest nutrient content possible while avoiding carbs, trans fats and processed foods. No more guesswork. Our passion is teaching you how to eat well and live a healthy lifestyle, through our recipes, articles, quizzes, and community forum.

Healthy living starts here, because nothing tastes better than feeling great.

Nutrient Advisor Patricia J.Vézina

As a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, Patricia has helped thousands of people lose weight by making meaningful changes with the food they eat. As a firm believer in the benefits of eating whole foods, Patricia’s work has brought her to speaking engagements at corporate events, not to mention her role in running international events or her features in a wide variety of publications.

Her current day-to-day is inspired by the mission and values of Low Fat Low Carb. Patricia’s passion for her work comes from her love of food and health, brought about through ease and nourishment.


“My favorite coaching moment is when I can engage people to take control of their lives. The instant they realize that they can do ANYTHING is when I am the most grateful for my work.”

Dot Connector Alex Greening

Alex is somebody obsessed with self-development and impacting society in the most positive ways possible! He has trained people as a strength coach and started several businesses based around helping people achieve what previously seemed impossible.

After many years in the health and fitness industry, one thing has stayed true – diets will come and go, but the basic principles and foundation of healthy eating will always begin with Low Fat Low Carb.


“My biggest source of happiness and fulfillment comes from seeing somebody accomplish their goals – showing them what they’re truly capable of.”

Visual Creator Gabryela Vogua

Gabryela’s passion has always been delivering strong, creative visuals that reflect the brands she works with. Studying overseas in Italy led to a decade of work within the fashion industry as a creative director, photographer, and model.

Her love for cooking was once a private one, but as she got involved with Low Fat Low Carb, it became one she now shares with the world, creating mouth-watering recipes that entertain and satisfy.

Like so many members of the LFLC community, Gabryela understands that quality of life starts with what you eat


Real food, real conversations and an authentic approach to where you’re at.


We’re here to demystify all of the conflicting information you can find online, or from friends and family, when it comes to your health.  Learn from our in-house nutritionist on the relationship between the food you eat and the body you have. You can also learn new skills and relevant information through our blogs and videos. Feel like you know it all? Put yourself to the test and try out our quizzes!


Want to know how many calories to eat in a day?  Head to our tools section where you’ll find neat tips and calculators to give you more insight into where you are and how to make your journey easier.


Our forum makes Low Fat Low Carb an all-encompassing journey that will leave you feeling fulfilled in every way possible. Express your thoughts and feelings while getting valuable support from people who know exactly what you’re going through. Our tribe will rejoice with you on your successes and lift you up when you need it.