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Many of the clients I see each week have a condition known as Metabolic Syndrome or Syndrome X. Metabolic Syndrome is a cluster of different conditions, such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, high triglycerides, a large amount of fat in your belly region, and high fasting blood sugars. Technically, you only need 2 of these 5 conditions to be considered “insulin resistant” and therefore are at higher risk for cardiovascular disease. 
Why am I talking about this?? Because it has been my mission for the last 11 years to prevent this from happening to me, due to my super high genetic predisposition to developing this syndrome. I lost my father 11 years ago this month, and I have spent countless hours learning about insulin resistance and making many lifestyle changes to avoid a negative diagnosis.  This is how my father (age 71) passed away, his father (age 44), and his mother (age 66). My dad also had open-heart surgery at age 57, even though he was in good shape on the outside, he was a metabolic time bomb on the inside. 
Unfortunately, sometimes genetics are more powerful, as I just received my blood work back, and I am now at high risk for diabetes and heart disease. My first response was disbelief (after all, I eat so clean), and then anger. Now, I am just going to get aggressive and work even harder than I have been. That is my only option. I could throw my hands up in the air and give up, or I can fight this genetic monster I have inherited. The good news is that I know how. And, I have the tools to change my metabolism with a super low fat, low carb eating protocol.  This site, is a great reference for me to use while I am going to start my new mission. 
The point of this is to let you all know that your journey, my journey, is not always about a number on the scale. I like to say that scales are for fish, not people. That number on the scale does not tell you how your body is processing the carbohydrates you are eating. You could be watching every morsel of food and drink that enters your mouth, like me, and still end up with bad numbers. What gives??  It’s all about the pancreas and managing your blood sugars. I have to be even better; even more particular. It might make you a bit mad that you can’t eat like the other people around you. That is normal. But, instead of getting upset, you can choose to enjoy your life a different way and still have some pleasures. It is difficult, but it can be done. 
I know I am trying really hard not to become a diabetic, or end up with atherosclerosis. And, I know that what I put into my mouth matters more than anything, besides some activity. With that being said, I know it comes down to getting my body into ketosis, burning the deep visceral fat from the inside out and taking some quality supplements. 
My goal is to fight the genetic writing on the wall, and push through this cycle. 


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