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the Paleo Diet Right For You?

The Paleo diet, also known as the caveman diet, is hugely
popular. In a world full of fast food and convenient snacks, we could hardly be
farther from the food our body is designed to use for nutrition. By focusing on
a low fat,
high protein diet,
you can start to eliminate many of the high salt
or sugar foods that can create havoc on your body. A diet heavy in processed,
high fat food can be the cause of more than just weight issues. Many people
also suffer headaches, sleep, and digestive issues. An unbalanced diet can
contribute to a number of physical and mental health struggles as well. By
making a positive change in your diet, you can be on the road to a healthier,
more balanced self.

What Is the Paleo Diet?

As mentioned before, this diet is meant to mimic the way our
caveperson ancestors ate, which focuses on a hunter/gatherer concept. It allows
for high protein food including meat, fish, eggs, as well as maintaining low
fat foods such as fruit, vegetables, and nuts. Off-limit foods include
potatoes, sugar, legumes, grains, dairy and salt. By avoiding these off-limit
foods you will be reducing your intake of processed, preservative filled foods
that often carry more sugar or salt than is recommended for daily consumption.

Paleo is a Lifestyle

Although it may have the word “diet” in it, you can better
understand the paleo diet as a lifestyle change. It isn’t meant to be a short
term diet, eating like your ancestors means giving up modern food, which comes
with the luxury of convenience. When you can no longer rely on the microwave to
heat up a pre-packaged dinner, this means that extra time and care goes into
your food preparation. It will not only change the way you eat but will change
your relationship with food, especially if you are switching from a heavy fat,
high carb lifestyle. Luckily, paleo also means community building. There is a
community of people online and in your city ready to welcome, encourage, and
share with you. 

Things to Keep In Mind

When making a big change to your diet and lifestyle, remember
to be kind to yourself. Reducing your intake of high fat, sugar, and salt foods
is a positive step for your health and wellbeing that can take time. Remember
that it isn’t possible to eat exactly like a caveperson but that paleo is a
great way to redirect and rethink your relationship with food. Also, keep in
mind that it is possible to eat too much protein. Although paleo emphasis
protein, be mindful of what your bodies needs are.

Above all else, enjoy yourself. Connect with others who are
prioritizing their health and lifestyle. Learn from your community and discover
what works well for you.