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Many people get very nervous when they are trying to lose weight and have to go out to eat. The menus at restaurants can be so overwhelming and tempting at the same time. If you must go out or have to eat on the road, there are some good rules you can follow to stay on track and always be mindful of what you are eating. 

1. Never Leave Home Hungry Or Without Food

Grab a healthy snack prior to leaving home or work. This will help prevent you from ordering appetizers that tend to be high in fat and calories, or worse yet, being so hungry you start eating the bread. Plus, your blood sugar can get really low, causing you to order something not on your plan. I always keep something in my purse or computer case for emergencies. 

2. Research Where You Are Going BEFORE You Go

Select a restaurant that you know, or that posts the menu on the outside window. I try to go online and pull up the menu so I can decide what I want before I go, and make it easier on the staff and myself.  Most restaurants can honor special requests painlessly. Don’t be embarrassed. 

3. Alcohol Is A Diet Buster

Drinking alcohol can lower your resistance to tempting, high fat foods and can reduce your appetite all together, putting you at a deficit for valuable nutrients. Alcohol also affects the metabolic functions of every gastrointestinal tract organ, including the liver. Alcohol is directly toxic to many bodily tissues and organs, and can set your fat burning efforts back by 2-3 days! Is it really worth it?? 

4. Ask Before You Order.

Ask about words you don`t understand or if the item can be prepared in a more healthful manner. Request a clear explanation of ingredients and preparation methods. Your server should know how the food is prepared.  Or, you could just tell your server that you have “allergies” and you are not allowed to have anything with “dairy” or “wheat”?  That will help guide you what to order.  It ensures you can stay on your mission, and not have to disclose you are on a DIET! Frankly, it’s no one’s business. 

5. Keep It Simple

If you feel self-conscious about your dietary choices, or feel your inquiries are causing the wait staff trouble, rethink your position. You are paying for your food, and the waiter/waitress does not need to know you are on a “diet”, just that you have certain dietary needs. Order it the way you want it, but keep it simple. My rule is if I take something off, I add something I can have to replace it. Then I get my moneys worth, too. 

6. Avoid All Sauces and Dressings

Salad dressings, sauces and gravies should be avoided all together.  It is amazing how many additives and preservatives are added to sauces, dips and dressings. It is best to carry your own, if possible, or order just plain oil and vinegar. Make sure not to order anything that says “vinaigrette”, it always has added sugar. You could order good, old- fashioned fresh lemon wedges? 
Hopefully, these are some basic rules and guidelines to help you have a more enjoyable meal out, and still maintain your mission of losing weight and being healthy! 


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