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Make Sure You Stop By These Countries to Try Amazing Cuisine On Your Travels

If you’re ever lucky enough to travel the world, there are certain foods you must try on your travels. Many of these foods are healthy and won’t make you stray too far from your low-fat low-carb diet, so dig in and enjoy what these countries and cultures have to offer.


Vietnamese dishes are typically very healthy, filled with fresh herbs, vegetables, and seafood. Some of the best dishes and drinks that can be found in Vietnam include:

  • Banh mi—a vegetable and omelette sandwich that comes with various fillings;
  • Banh Xeo—sizzling pancakes;
  • Cha Ca—a white fish that is sautéed in butter and spring onions;
  • Goi cuon—spring rolls filled with fresh herbs (like coriander), greens, and minced crab, shrimp, or pork;
  • Pho—a must-try soup, filled with noodles, vegetables, herbs, and meat; and,
  • Drinks—Bia Hoi (beer), Jasmine tea, lemon iced tea, iced coffee.


Although you might be familiar with Greek food, there are some dishes that are best made at home by a Greek person. The best foods and drinks to try in Greece include:

  • Mousaka—an eggplant and potato dish that must be tried homemade;
  • Souvlaki—skewers of marinated and grilled meats (usually pork); and,
  • Drinks—Ouzo (anise-flavored aperitif), Tsipouro (Brandy).


Thai food is normally cooked with five main flavors—lime for sour, fish sauce for savory, chilli peppers for spicy, sweetness (usually from palm), and salt. Popular Thai dishes and drinks to try include:

  • Pad Thai—a rice noodle stir fry with eggs, tofu, herbs, vegetables, and tamarind;
  • Som Tam—a sweet and spicy papaya salad;
  • Tom Yum Goong—a soup made with chilli peppers, lemongrass, lime juice, fish sauce, kaffir lime leaves, galangal, and shrimp; and,
  • Drinks—various Thai beers and Sang Som (a sugar cane rum).


Since most Indians are vegetarian, you will find a lot of vegetarian dishes in India. These flavorful dishes are often served with naan bread and rice. Some must-try foods and drinks from India include:

  • Aloo Gobi—a potato and cauliflower side dish;
  • Paneer Butter Masala—India’s most popular dish, made with tomato puree, cream, paneer (cheese), herbs, and spices; and,
  • Drinks—Masala Tea, Kingfisher beer, and Old Monk rum.

South Korea

Soouth Korean dishes usually include rice, vegetables, and meat, with ginger, garlic, fermented red chilli paste, pepper flakes, sesame oil, and soy sauce. Korea’s delicious foods and drinks include:

  • Dolsotbap—rice cooked in a stone pot (called a dolsot);
  • Kimchi—must-try fermented vegetables, usually cabbage;
  • Kongguksu—a cold dish with noodles and broth made from ground soy beans; and,
  • Drinks—Tea, South Korean beers, and Soju (liquor).


Montenegro is renowned for its cheeses, soups, meat dishes, wines, and spirits. Some of the most popular Montenegrin dishes and drinks include:

  • Plieskavitsa—a dish full of spiced and grilled meats (beef, lamb, and pork);
  • Skorup—salted cottage cream;
  • Stuffed peppers—bell peppers stuffed with meats and vegetables, grilled, and served with a creamy sauce; and,
  • Drinks—Boza (a fermented beverage) and Turkish coffee.

Wherever your travels take you, make sure to immerse yourself in the local culture and try these amazing foods!

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