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Tips and Tricks for Staying Disciplined

At some point, everyone faces doubts, challenges, and cravings while they’re on a diet. Contrary to popular belief, this is completely normal! Everyone has trouble sticking to their diet. After all, if it was easy, everyone would be doing it!

The simple fact of the matter is that diets aren’t always going to be smooth sailing. There will be times when you feel like you’re struggling, and there will be times where you’re tempted to cheat “just this once.”

Don’t lose hope! Developing a few easy habits will help you increase your chances of success while reducing the likelihood you’ll fall off the wagon. We’ve put together 5 tips and tricks to help you stay the course on your diet.



No matter what your diet may be or your reasons for sticking to it, you’re going to be tempted every now and then. Whenever you feel yourself slipping, or find the temptation overwhelming, focus on these 5 ways you can stay on-track for diet success!

1—Plan Things Out

The first step of any journey should be to create a plan. Your diet is no different! Think of it this way: would you wing it when building a house? Of course not! You’d plan things out and build a solid blueprint you can refer to when you encounter challenges. After all, beyond a good plan, you need a solid foundation when building a house. Your plan is the foundation for your diet’s success, so don’t overlook it!

2—Record What You Eat

Do you write down your goals? If so, you’re probably already aware of the psychological effect putting pen to paper has for your brain. It makes things feel more real, and acts like a kind of contract with yourself. Whether you’re tracking what you ate through the day or recording what you’ll be eating, putting it on paper can help you stay accountable to your diet. After all, there’s a paper trail now!

3—Focus on Why You’re Dieting

It’s easy to lose sight of your goals when you’re on a diet. When your body is screaming at you to give in and grab that bag of chips, pause and focus on your goals. Will the short-term satisfaction you get from crunching on a few fried potato slices compare to hitting your target weight, improving your health, or the sense of accomplishment you’ll feel when you succeed? The choice is yours!

4—Enjoy Every Little Victory

At the end of the day, even if that day was only 70 or 80% in line with your diet, take it as a win! Focus on your accomplishments and successes. These positives are always going to be more important than whatever you see as a failure, so celebrate them! Focusing on negatives is, unfortunately, easier and is a sure-fire way to negate any motivation you have. Don’t make something that’s already hard any harder!

5—Check Your Meal Plan Daily

Just because you wrote out your meal plan and know your recipes inside and out doesn’t mean you’re ready to go. You’ve got to make it second-nature, and you’ve got to support the other 4 habits and attitudes we’ve discussed. Checking your meal plan is a great way to reinforce your other habits and attitudes, and to constantly remind yourself of what you’re working towards. It’s also an opportunity to fine-tune your approach by identifying and addressing issues that arise.

Healthy habits are fairly consistent across all aspects of your life. Maintaining a healthy mindset, positive attitude, celebrating the victories, and learning from mistakes without dwelling on them aren’t just lessons that will help you stick to a diet. These principles can help guide you to success in every part of your life. Applying them to diets and healthy eating will help you achieve the success you’re after—just remember to course-correct if you’re steering away from your destination!


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