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To most, losing weight often means having to eat lots of boring and dull foods… And well, for the most part, this “boring food diet” usually leads to an unsuccessful attempt to lose weight. I like to think that this is because the “boring food diet” leaves people feeling deprived and craved. I experienced this first hand. Within no time, I was reaching for something tasty (which was usually super fatty) because let’s face it, it just tasted better than a bag of celery when I was that hungry…
Being on a diet does not have to be so mundane if you don’t want it to be though. It just takes a little knowledge to spice it up and add some life to your meals! I really think that this is the trick! It is as simple as that! I speak for myself when I say that making healthy food with the right spices made my weight loss journey much easier and much more enjoyable. I loved the food I was eating and so I didn’t crave junk. 
Spices are not just great because they add a kick to your foods. They also have many nutritional benefits! And, did you know that most spices have little to no calories???
Check out the five best spices that could help you lose weight too:


Cinnamon is a great sugar replacement in coffees, teas and even smoothies! It also may be able to regulate your body’s blood sugar, reduce your appetite and decrease the storage of fat. Bonus! 


Cumin is kind of a smoky spice commonly used in Mediterranean and Indian cuisine. This spice could help control blood sugar as well. Great for fish and meat. 


This spice is warm and aromatic and more commonly known as a digestive aid found as an additive in certain teas. Some have even said that cardamom could potentially even cure sugar cravings! Hmm! Cardamom is the perfect spice for veggies, soups and of course in teas (best to take after a meal). 


This is what gives hot peppers and chillies their hotness! So, if you like to add heat to your meals, you are going to want this in your spice rack! Other than adding some fire to your plate, capsaicin can increase your metabolism and therefore causes your body to burn more calories. Interesting! 


Turmeric possesses a nice orange color and adds warm flavour to almost anything. It is often used to improve the digestive tract and reduce the symptoms of gas and bloating. I love to add turmeric to my salads, meats and legumes. Like I said you can add it to almost ANYTHING! Oh, and rumour has it that it could even have cancer fighting properties!
In the end, you have got to eat foods that you love in order to ensure a sustainable weight loss. Without a diet that you love, you will never be able to shed the pounds and maintain your weight. 
Check out our recipes sections for lots of great low fat low carb recipe ideas! 

What are your favourite spices to add to your meals? 

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