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We all Know What a Food Pusher is: it’s a person who tries to get you to eat food that you don’t want to eat, or you really want to eat, but you are trying not to.  And, the worst part is these people are usually your relatives, friends, and co-workers!  Do they mean to “push you”?? I have found that most of the time people push you because they don’t want to feel guilty about eating what they want, or they are jealous of your commitment to making healthy life changes. They are wishing they had your will power. 
Here are some common “pusher” statements and how I have learned to respond.
Them: “You can have it, it won’t hurt you.”
You:  “I know, I`m sure it`s so delicious but I am afraid I wouldn`t be able to stop.”

This seems to work well, because it is like saying “thanks, but no thanks”. 
And, yet, let’s them know you do not want to overindulge. 
Them: “But, I made my special recipe! It will hurt my feelings.” 
You: “ I am sure it is delicious, I am just stuffed right now. Maybe I can have some later”. 
This response is an acknowledgment of their effort, and a put off all at the same time, but it works. 
Them: “Let’s go to your favorite restaurant!”
You: “ I do love that place, but I am not in the mood tonight”. 
I feel like this response works because who can argue with a ‘mood’? You might have to grit your teeth when you say these words, because deep down you want to say okay, however, you are more committed to your health and wellness at the moment. There will be another time to go to that restaurant. 
Them: “Have a drink” or “Why aren’t you drinking?”
You: I have to drive.  
Who would argue with this?? People will try to convince you to have just one. Stick to your guns. Don’t feel bad. You are on your mission. And, you will have a drink another day, just not today. 
Them: “Don’t you think you deserve it? You’ve lost enough weight”! 
You: “Thank you, I am feeling really good! And, you are right, I do deserve to feel good and be healthy. That is not on my eating plan right now, but I  appreciate your compliment.” 
Then redirect the conversation to some other topic. 
This type of comment is passive aggressive in nature. And, if you handle it right,you can turn it around. Acknowledging your willpower and healthy food choices might influence others to be more aware of what they are eating. Sometimes you have to combat food pushers with a little kindness. 
At the end of the day, food pushers are all around you. Everyday. It is up to you to be confident, and know why you are sacrificing some foods you like to get your body and your health back. 


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