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Make up your mind that this holiday season will be different.  Instead of the typical season that ends with additional pounds, this year decide to take off a few.  Keeping your goal in mind at all times, having an accountability partner to strategize about your upcoming weeks and reminding yourself that it is not worth it to cheat, will be crucial in your success.  Here are a few tips to remember as well: 
1. Don`t turn the holiDAY into a holi-WEEKEND, holi-MONTH or holi-SEASON.  
2. BYOHO – offer to “Bring Your Own Healthy Option” like a veggie tray, deli roll ups, salad or cooked vegetables. Use the website to plan your meals. 
3. Arrive with a full tank of fuel, in your tummy.  Fill up on veggies and protein BEFORE arriving to the event. NEVER go to a party hungry! It’s a recipe for disaster. 
4. What you drink counts!  Watch out for lattes, flavored coffee, ciders and , of course, the alcohol.  Bring your own cooler of drinks to a party, like sparkling water or club soda 
 or maybe some herbal teas? 
5. Failing to Plan is Planning to Fail – always have a healthy snack on hand to help you through the days that you feel “stuck” or you end up being out longer than you planned to be. Always think about where, what and when you will eat.  Don’t take chances. Many of us have “smart phones” now days. Use that phone to look up restaurant menus before you arrive so you will be prepared how to ‘special’ order the foods that will keep you on track! 

There are many ways to stick to your mission of losing weight this holiday season, you just have to be committed to the big picture and feel confident in your choices. 

What other tips do you have to share?? 

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