How to Get Started With Your Vegan Diet

If you’re on a path towards increasing your health, you’ve probably been brushed up against the idea that eating more veggies is going to help.  Maybe you even know some vegetarians or vegans that seem pretty healthy. Perhaps this has peeked your interest. Perhaps you want to eat a more plant-based diet but you just […]

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Can You Catch a Cold from Being Cold or Wet?

Germs and Your Immune System Northerners are experts at staying warm during the colder seasons. There’s nothing quite like wearing a knitted sweater, a cozy scarf, a snug tuque and a pair of warm mittens. The layers of clothing we dawn can have some fashion appeal, but generally, we’re all more concerned with staying warm […]

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Can Alcohol be Part of a Healthy Diet? – Create. Educate. Motivate.

CREATE Whether it’s for religious reasons, health reasons or because you’re in recovery, it can really be a challenge to stay sober, but still have fun and maintain your sanity. Most people are not aware of the effect alcohol has on decision-making ability, reaction time, and general behavior. So this holiday, just remember these 3 […]

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5 Ways to Low-Carb Your Favorite Meals!

More than any other macronutrient, carbs are probably the most controversial part of modern diets and meal plans. Remember when we were all focusing on low-fat? Low-carb recipes are following the same trend. Of course, low-carb options are great if you’re trying to get insulin production and blood sugar under control. A low-carb diet swap […]

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