5 Ways to Boost Your Smoothies

Smoothies are all the rage, and rightly so! They are a fabulous way to jam-pack your breakfasts and snacks with a ton of nutrition.  Why do we love smoothies? Because they answer the need of having an easy, convenient breakfast that has many servings of vegetables (yes, vegetables), protein and fruit. Let’s have a closer […]

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5 Ways to Boost Your Salads

You like to eat salad.  In fact, it helps boost your energy in the afternoon.  But, you’re getting kind of bored. Same old lunch, day in and day out.  What can you do? Change up your salad dressings! There are so many easy ways that you can enjoy a salad without having to pull out […]

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5 Ways To Boost Your Breakfast!

You hear it all the time: “Breakfast is the most important meal of the day”. The thing is, you generally wake up feeling tired and in a rush.  Those extra minutes in bed feel much more valuable than getting up early. You’re used to eating at your desk anyway.  Plus, you’re bored with the usual […]

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It’s Not All Sunshine: Food Sources of Vitamin D

Vitamin D – the sunshine vitamin.  The vitamin that has gotten so much attention for its need and benefit; and with good reason!  The more we discover the benefits of vitamin D, the more we realize that we need to spend more time in the sun.  But what if we live in the Northern hemisphere, […]

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