Healthy Breakfast Recipes

Looking for healthy breakfast recipes to try now? Click here. You know what they say “breakfast is the most important meal of the day”, and whoever “they” are – aren’t lying! You are literally “breaking a fast” so it is crucial you are consuming healthy foods first thing in the A.M. But are you feeding […]

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Low Fat Vs Low Carb: Updated

A low-fat diet and a low-carb diet are arguably the two most popular diets we see today in the news, social media and magazines. Both diets have been known to help people lose weight, take control of their health or act as a preventive measure for certain diseases. But what exactly does it mean to […]

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Vegan Vs Vegetarian: No Confusion

What’re the Differences: Vegetarian Vs Vegan? People often get these confused but there is a simple way to explain it. Vegans do not eat anything that is considered a product of an animal. This includes meat, eggs, dairy and usually honey. Vegans have usually chosen this route out of compassion for animals. There are a […]

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Salt Intake and Health: Too Much or Not Enough?

If you’ve been paying attention to various media outlets during the last two decades, you’ve likely heard so much contradictory information regarding salt. Whenever salt comes up in conversation, there are multiple opinions on the matter. That doesn’t make sense though, right? Salt, or sodium chloride, is the main source of sodium for humans. It […]

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