Happy Healthy Halloween: The Tricks to the Treats!

I know Halloween is around the corner, and then we roll into Thanksgiving and the Christmas season, but I wanted everyone to start thinking ahead on how to handle these days and come out a winner!  

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Are You Willing to be Mindful on Your Journey?

Understanding where our triggers are coming from is half the battle, and becoming mindful is the other lesson. I learned to breathe this weekend, and I learned to be more mindful. I am thankful. 
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Why Do We Have So Many Food Allergies, But Our Ancestors Did Not?

It is no wonder to me why we have so many insulin resistant, metabolic and sick people in the world today. We are so far away from our ancestors, how they ate and what our food resources were made from.  Processed foods have become an epidemic in our world.

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Abs Are Made in the Kitchen, Not in the Gym

For many, many years I was under the belief that the only way to make my stomach flat was to do an incessant amount of crunches and sit-ups. But the master key really lies with your diet, followed closely by the type of exercise you do. 

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