Bad Eating Habits that Pack on the Pounds

It is a well-known fact that it takes anywhere from 21-60 days to form or change a habit. 
How in shape or out of shape you are is a result of your daily habits. 
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Are You On The Slow Boat?

I have found that weight loss is not a race it is a journey. It does not matter how fast you lose, but that you lose consistently and safely. It is just as important that you lose the right type of weight, meaning more fat, over muscle and water weight. To accomplish this, eating a low fat, low carb, adequate protein eating plan is what works the best and most efficiently. 

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Blending VS Juicing: What Will You Choose?

To blend or to juice. That is the question. What’s the difference? Is there a better choice? Does one have more benefits than the other? Some say juicing is better and some say blending is better. So, who is right?

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Snack Ideas To Help You On Your Journey

The choices are endless if you will focus on your health, goals, and new habits. These are lifestyle changes, not just for your diet mode. They have to become part of what you do, not like a chore, but a daily routine.  Embrace the changes, no matter how small or big, you CAN make these modifications to your life, for your future.

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