5 Spices That Could Help You Lose Weight

Being on a diet does not have to be so mundane if you don’t want it to be though. It just takes a little knowledge to spice it up and add some life to your meals! I really think that this is the trick! It is as simple as that!

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What Happens To Your Body When You Quit Sugar?

Most of us have developed a “need” for sugar due to our awful eating habits and desire for “junk foods”. Trust me, the benefits of quitting sugar outweigh the side effects of bad eating habits by far! Once you stop eating sugars that have been processed and stick to sugars in its raw form you will notice that the following things will occur:

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How Does Alcohol Affect Your Diet Goals?

One of the toughest tasks that I have as a health coach is ‘convincing’ clients on how alcohol can affect their weight loss and wellness goals. There are some conflicting opinions on this subject, and I would like to address this from my point of view.

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Swap it out!

Becoming a healthier and fitter you does not mean that you have to become incredibly dull with your food choices. You can still have fun with your meals and continue to eat the things you love. Just switch it up!

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