Stress And Food Choices

At least 30-50 times a week I hear this story, “Well, I was so stressed out from work (or my kids, husband, boss, finances etc.), that I couldn’t help myself and I ate the pizza (or the Chinese food, the bread, the Mexican food etc.…)” And, I think the same thought every time, “ What does that have to do with the food you put in your mouth?”

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What NOT to do While Dieting

To make sure that you get where you want to go, take a look at a few classic weight loss mistakes that most of us are guilty of and learn how to avoid them.

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Is Eating Breakfast Important?

When I was overweight, I never ate breakfast. I would leave the house with nothing. No food, no water, no snacks. I would eat one or two meals a day and I could not figure out how come I could not lose a pound. It was so frustrating. I believed that the less I ate, the more I would lose. But, in fact, I gained, and gained.

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Coconut Oil: My New Go To Beauty Product!

Turns out, Coconut oil is the quite the superstar of beauty products! Trust me, if you start using it, your whole body will start to glow! This bad boy can literally be used for EVERYTHING!!! No joke… You have got to try it! If I did, so can you.

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