7 Dangerous Acts After a Meal…Must Read!

Healthy Habit? Think again… You will be surprised to see that what you’re doing after a meal is actually not so good for you!

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The “Nay Sayers” & The Saboteurs

This time of year there are many people who are trying to lose weight before the holidays. Many of them just want to fit into that special outfit, or just feel less bloated! It is incredible when we go on diets how the people around us suddenly become experts! “Oh, c’mon, one won’t hurt you”…

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Put A Halt To Those Nasty Overeating Habits!

We have all done it… Whether it is pilling that spaghetti dish a mile high on a way too big of a plate or binging on a stack of junk food one Saturday night in front of the television. Why do we do this to ourselves?

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5 Holiday Success Tips

Make up your mind that this holiday season will be different. Instead of the typical season that ends with additional pounds, this year decide to take off a few.

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