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We are more than just a recipe website. We've designed LFLC to simplify the challenges you face when following a diet or eating-style. You are unique. And your food plan should be too!

Our meals are made with whole, natural foods to give you the highest nutrient content possible and avoiding unhealthy carbs, trans fats and processed foods. No more guess work. We're passionate about showing you how to eat healthy and live a healthy lifestyle through our articles, quizzes and community forum.

Healthy living starts here!

Because nothing tastes better than feeling great.

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Tahini Beet Dip

75 min.
10 serv.s
8 ratings

Apple Walnut Sausage

15 min.
6 serv.s
16 ratings

Shrimp Taco Salad

10 min.
4 serv.s
25 ratings

Zucchini Roll

30 min.
4 serv.s
17 ratings

Curry Tomato Chicken

25 min.
4 serv.s
34 ratings

Lavender Ice Cream

10 min.
20 serv.s
28 ratings

Dandelion Salmon Salad

20 min.
4 serv.s
19 ratings

Asian Meatballs

30 min.
4 serv.s
38 ratings

Coconut Almond Snack Bars

45 min.
10 serv.s
50 ratings
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